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Products & Offering
A brief snapshot of some of our leading products & services.
Data Exchange

For the first time ever get Electronic Data of Secondary Sales. Used for variety of purpose including moving field to secondary targets, replenishment based supplies to stockists, streamlining production planning & CFA stock allocation as well as reviews and early information throughout the sales, marketing & distribution. Satisfies the Basic Need of the Pharma Industry that’s unmet for decades.


The preferred Sales Data Audit. Having multiple advantages like early information, additional parameters like stock levels & bonus details, excellence in client servicing, accurate pricing & immediate new product reporting – more than 3 dozen clients have shifted to PharmaTrac in 2 years. We have clients as diverse as Pharma Companies, Equity Analysts and Consultants.


Mobile drug database. Useful for Doctors & Retailers – enjoy the latest prices updated monthly and the most comprehensive drug database that updates new products on weekly basis. For top 100 companies – guaranteed 100% products, including latest launches, are updated. Available through SMS, GPRS & Internet – its instant and affordable access to quality information.

Retail Reach

Powered by DrugInfo – but is used as a one way communication medium to Retailers. In terms of identifying brand to generic / company relationship the Retailer has the same, and perhaps bigger, problem than Doctors. Once Retailer is registered by a company, instead of sending post card sized prints on bonus, an SMS can be sent which cuts costs and cuts time. This is ideal to announce bonus offers as well as to make retailers aware of new product launches.

Zero Bounce

Whenever a registered retailer does a new product query – an alert is sent to linked field staff – to ensure availability and to find out the Doctors that have started writing the new product. Solution to the challenging problem of availability of new products. With 170,000 packs in industry for top companies and average retailer carrying just 2000 packs, its virtually impossible to create stocking for new products on retailer shelf. DrugInfo with Zero Bounce can overcome this challenge.

Supply Chain Finance

AIOCD AWACS has identified through their research that Pharma Distributors require huge working capital to execute their business and at times the cost of interest of working capital is almost 30-40% of their net profitability. Hence AIOCD AWACS along with Pharma companies with the association of ICICI Bank came up with a solution called Supply Chain Finance which would address needs of distributors and provide unsecured working capital at attractive interest rate. For further details you can write to us at